Texas Institute for Spine Care

Dr. Kotecha has a passion for minimally invasive treatment options. When patients present to him he uses surgery as a last resort, and can manage a majority of their pain through less invasive means. Dr. Kotecha performs a vast array of general neurosurgical procedures such as brain tumors, brain injury, and peripheral nerve surgery. He has a very deep understanding and love for minimally invasive spine surgery from fusions to injections. This allows his patients to return to work much faster with less pain compared to the traditional open spine surgery where the muscles are cut, retracted and injured resulting in longer recovery time, more pain, and possibly more surgery in subsequent years. His passion led him to take time away from his busy practice to learn laser endoscopic spine surgery, a procedure done by very few spine surgeons in the USA and across the world. He also provides treatment options for patients who may have failed previous spinal surgeries, and implants artificial discs. He is also an inventor and developer of spinal implants being used world wide.