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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: a Short Guide - neurosurgeon in Houston Texas

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Failed back syndrome is a term used for people who have undergone surgery for their back, but it has not turned out the way they had expected, and instead, they continue to have pain in their back or spine.

There is no term for failed surgery in other surgical procedures such as failed knee syndrome or failed kidney stone syndrome. However, this blog post will help you understand what failed back syndrome is, how it develops, and what you should do if you find yourself in this situation.

Why Does Back Surgery Fail?

Spine surgery is used to stabilize a joint full of pain or decompress a pinched nerve root. The most common symptom of failed back surgery syndrome is when the pain returns to a previously operated area, leaving the patient just as uncomfortable or even more than before the surgery. Back surgery cannot always fix the pain. Instead, it can alleviate the symptoms a patient is dealing with to make life more comfortable.

Some of the significant causes for failed back surgery syndrome are as follows:

  • The original pain was coming from another area and was not operated on during the surgery.

  • There were still problems with the spine, so there has been no relief after a few weeks post-surgery.

What Are the Treatment Options for Failed Back Syndrome?

A person with failed back surgery will continue to live an uncomfortable life if left untreated or without any help from outside sources such as physical therapy or staying away from any activities that worsen their condition. There are a few treatment options for failed back surgery syndrome:

  • Do Nothing: If you're suffering from the failed back syndrome, you could choose to do nothing. However, this is the worst option you could pick because it will not alleviate the pain you're feeling, no matter how much pain medication you take.

  • Get Another Surgery: Another option would be to have more surgery which could be the answer since there may still be other problems in the spine that need to be corrected for you to feel relief from your pain.

  • Physical Therapy: Another possible solution is getting physical therapy because this will help relieve some of the pain built up after your back operation and relieve some of the nerve root pressure.

  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Treatment: If you're still unsure what the best option is for your failed back syndrome, you should consider consulting a doctor who specializes in treating failed back surgery syndrome.

Find The Right Neurosurgeon in Houston TX

If you find yourself in a situation where your spine has been operated on, but the pain remains, the best option would be to contact a failed back syndrome treatment specialist who will relieve the discomfort by altering something about the original surgery. At Texas Institute For Spine Care, our experts will take care of you!

So if you're ready to get started today, call or book an appointment and find the right neurosurgeon in Houston, Texas!

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